Monday, March 4, 2013

Baseball season officially kicked in this week . . . I love watching my kids play but 3 boys, 3 different schedules . . .it's a wonder I make it to work with my head attached.

AT&T Park Giants Game
(my son was drafted by them but never signed) though we are crossing our fingers for this years draft in June!

This is what I'll be looking at for the next several months.  Not those lights exactly but you get the picture. I took a half day off work tomorrow so I could watch my middle son play who is a SENIOR this year! Which reminds me I haven't typed lesson plans and it's almost midnight but that's because I had to go over the 4th grade state writing expectations with my youngest son because he was having anxiety (ticks me off - the tests are given that much power over kids), after his practice, then I had to do homework for my Masters program because I have all independent elective project type courses which is the worst for creative people because if you are like me you probably wait until the last minute.  Don't they know creative people need deadlines? No deadlines -that will be the death of me!
Sorry NO artsy stuff today. I barely made it to the mailbox with a pattern delivery. 

I am slowly adding all my current stuff and will be adding NEW stuff soon . . .

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